Friday, April 11, 2014

many items for sale

Contact Melissa

Please feel free to make any offer.

Suggested prices are as follows:

For Latina Christiana DVD’s I am asking $25 each for the DVD bundles.
Lingua Angelica CD $4 (beautiful!  We have another copy)
Charlotte Mason Original Series $15
Charlotte Mason books $1
Wholehearted Home Educator $1
Usborne French Numbers Book $4  (fun hardcover with clay photo pictures)
Self Teaching Latin – Artes Latinae -- $99 for entire kit including CDROM
                Any other adult Latin resources, included for no additional charge
Any unspecified French books, *free to a good home.
Veritas Press Phonics Museum kit – asking $99 or best offer. 
Homeschool Magazine Bundle (Practical Homeschooling, Growing Without Schooling 10 plus magazines) $5 for the bundle
Un, Deux, Trois book and tape $2
Raising Your Spirited Child Book Set (2) $6
Simple Abundance, Mrs. Sharp’s Traditions plus tape set $2
Hidden Art of Homemaking $1
Waldorf Education:  A Family Guide $5  (a compendium)
Devotions for Homeschool Moms – $1
Rod and Staff English grades 7&8 $20 each set
Homeschooling:  A Patchwork of Days $1
French Unit Studies:  Canada, Prepositions
                Reproducible $5 (both unit studies with duplicates)
The Successful Child by Dr. Sears $1.50
Wooden Insect Magnetic Puzzle $5
Sonlight Year Core 6 Instructors Guide $30
                (World History Part 1)
Christian Light English *free

A collection of Homeschooling magazines

Sonlight guide

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